Benefits of Steam

Benefits of Steam

Steam cleaning is one of the best machines for car grooming. It’s eco-friendly, chemical free and uses very little water (About 4 litres for a mid-sized car).

The steam not only cleans the vehicles inside and out, it also deodorises, sanitises and disinfects the area’s it’s been used on.

It’s gentle so doesn’t cause any scratches or damage and doesn’t leave areas wet so you won’t get damp upholstery or carpets.

The steam is safe to use on material and leather seats and gets into all of those hard to reach places that a normal clean wouldn’t allow.

We can clean your floor mats, upholstery, seat belts, wheel wells, carpets, air vents, door jambs, tyres, car lights, grills, boots, engine compartments and much more.

Do you have a larger vehicle such as a campervan, or caravan? then that’s no problem either, and we can clean the mattress’s, carpets, seating, upholstery and curtains in it too.

Benefits of Steam

  • Scratch-proof technique
  • Safe for the environment
  • Cleans the hard to reach areas
  • Natural sterilising effect
  • Can be used on any vehicle
  • Eliminated odours
  • Leaves surfaces dry
  • No toxic residues left on surface
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